Car Wash Bucket

A 20L capacity, highly durable bucket with a comfortable handle to complete your car care collection.

Start your wash process off the right way with the Autoglym 20L Car Wash Bucket. The generous 20L capacity ensures you have enough shampoo to clean even the largest vehicles, without having to refill. Each bucket is a durable, translucent construction so you can see the liquid level in the bucket at a glance while you wash. The bucket features a large Autoglym logo, printed in a durable, full colour finish.

For the ultimate safe wash, we recommend two buckets are used, one for the shampoo solution and a second one for rinsing your wash mitt in before reloading with shampoo and returning to the car.

The Autoglym Car Wash Bucket is available with a made to measure Grit Guard that traps grit and debris minimising the chance of damaged paintwork with washing inflicted swirls and scratches.

Partner with an Autoglym Microfibre Wash Mitt and you have the perfect set up.

Care instructions: Rinse thoroughly before first use to ensure the Bucket is free from contaminants. Ensure the Bucket is thoroughly dry before storing.

What size is the Car Wash Bucket?

The Car Wash Bucket has a 20L capacity.

How does the Car Wash Bucket Grit Guard work?

The Car Wash Grit Guard is designed to sit in the bottom of the bucket to trap any contaminants lifted from the bodywork when washing to prevent them being transferred back onto the vehicle to minimise the risk of swirl marks or scratches.

What are the dilution rates for different shampoos in the Car Wash Bucket?

For Pure Shampoo the dilution rate is 3 capfuls of product to every 10 litres of water. For Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner the dilution rate is 2 capfuls of product to every 10 litres of water. For UHD Shampoo the dilution rate is 4 capfuls of product to every 10 litres of water.

How should I maintain the Car Wash Bucket?

Rinse the Car Wash Bucket and Grit Guard thoroughly before use. After use rinse well and ensure no product remains. Ensure the bucket is dry before storage.

What material is the Car Wash Bucket made of?

The Car Wash Bucket and Grit Guard are made of highly durable HDPE.

Can I buy the Grit Guard separately?

Yes. They are available for purchase individually.

What products can I use with the Car Wash Bucket?

The Car Wash Bucket and Grit Guard are recommended for use with our shampoo range; however, we have tested the bucket with the whole Autoglym range and it is safe for use with all products.

Is it stackable with another Autoglym Car Wash Bucket if I want to buy more than one?

Yes, the buckets can be stacked.

Is it BPA free?

Yes, HDPE is generally BPA free, however this is only relevant if using as source of drinking water though which we do not advise.

Is the Grit Guard a snug fit or does it fall out when you empty it?

The grit guard can be pushed down ensuring a snug fit which should not fall out upon emptying.

Is it available in other colours?

No, currently the Autoglym Wash Bucket is only available in one colour.

Does it come with a lid?

Not at this current moment in time.

Can I stand/sit on the bucket?

No, we do not recommend sitting or standing on the Autoglym Car Wash Bucket.

Can I use hot water with it?


I have a grit guard from another brand already, will it fit?

The Autoglym Grit Guard has been designed to work perfectly with the Autoglym Car Wash Bucket and as such we cannot guarantee that grit guards from other manufacturers will fit properly.

Is it compatible with acid or alkali detergents?


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